Heat Timer Repairs and Heat Timer Sales

We sell top quality remanufactured Heat-Timers. We repair all model Heat Timers. Repaired Heat-Timers are cleaned, fully tested and brought back to original factory specs. We fix what is wrong now and service the panel to prevent future problems. We service Heat-Timers anywhere in the New York Tri-State area. We also remanufacture CDRs.

If you need a Heat Timer repaired or if you need ten Heat Timers repaired, call us. Discounts apply for multiple panels, and we have supply house rates. We will repair your Heat Timer in 24 hours.You can have it in 3 days, or I can send you one of my panels overnight. You can have it before noon the next day, and you can send yours in exchange or for repairs after you get my panel.

Our factory has been repairing Heat-Timers for nearly fifty years. Our remanufactured panels are guaranteed for one year, as are our repairs.

We carry many hard to find models and will ship directly to your door. Next day delivery is available. We ship anywhere, contact us for further details.

Call Willy Bencomo anytime, any day @ 1-813-407-3507 for a price quote and more details. Emergency 24 hour service available.

Contact us if you are in  need of Heat-Timer repair service in the New York Tri-State area. Our Field Techs will troubleshoot and service your existing Heat-Timer for optimal performance.

If you ship it to us, we will repair any model Heat-Timer (If a Newer Gold and Platinum models cannot be repaired, there is a $50 bench fee) for only $450.00 and CDR’s for only $550.00. You pay to ship it to me and I’ll cover the return shipping costs. Call for details.
Willy Bencomo  1-813-407-3507 email pgl55555@aol.com
E         (Grey,yes we have Grey Panels)
EPC       (Green, yes we have Green Panels )
EPU       (Blue, two light)
EPU-CH (Blue, three light)
MPC Platinum
HWR Platinum